Poster Express – DJ Ross MacKay

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Shooting on location is sweet. Working on location with friends is more fun, especially when they have a cool job like being a DJ. My pal Ross called me up a couple months ago on short notice asking if I could help him whip up some images for a promo poster. I said sure. Pack your headphones.

The original concept called for Ross, calm and peaceful, amid a sea of life. You know, like when he’s up on stage doing his thing, right? So we tried to be a little experimental and do it at Nandaemun Market. The only thing, we did it too early, and the sun didn’t let us get as edgy as we wanted.


A slow shutter speed lets the background move with a little fluidity while a single strobe – camera left through an umbrella – freezes Ross in place and lights him against the drab colours.

We moved around the corner to put Namsan in the background and do some ultra-wide light work – the distortion fits the motif and the concept, so we went high and tight. Like Roger Clemens on Mike Piazza.


A single strobe again, high camera right through an umbrella. Strobe work with ultra wide lenses in your model’s face give a very distinct look, but there’s a certain time and place for it.
The poster, if you can’t put together the pieces of Korean, is for a gig Ross played in Busan last month.

We ran through a few rolls of film during this shoot as well. I’ll be posting a blog on strobing with film – why you would want to do and how – in a few days.

– parks


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