Seoul Strobist Club Shoot #7: The Metro Project

Seoul Strobist Club
“Strobist: The Metro Project” – SSC Shoot 7

Date: Sunday, December 20th, 3:00pm

Shoot Description:
We haven’t gone out and done any strobist work in a while, so I thought we should get one more in before everyone splits for the holidays. With a lot of action this fall concerning the Metro Project, I thought it would be nice to get together and help each other get creative in and around the tube.

Shoot Objectives:
–    Learn how to effectively balance difficult lighting situations indoors and outdoors
–    Learn how to use strobes and small aperture photography together
–    Gelling for dramatic effect

These are the three areas that I’m going to focus the workshop on, but obviously we’ll get through a whole lot more action on the day of. If there’s anything anyone wants to try or practice, by all means, let me know and we’ll get to that, too.

Meet-up Point:
Sindorim Station
Exit 1, 3:00 pm – (?) 7:00 pm
* Subject to chance. I want to do this at a large, outdoor station with some character. If anyone has a better idea for a station, let me know please.

Shoot Leader(s):
Shawn Parker         010-5824-2632

Shoot rental fees, etc.:

I think we’re past shooting each other over and over – I know I’m sick of seeing my own face in the group photos – so I’m going to ask a couple of models that I’ve worked with in the past to come along. It’ll be cold and a chunk out of their day, so I’m asking anyone who is interested to fork over 10,000 won to cover the cost of the models’ time. Payable day of.

Food & Beverage:
Not too worried about this pre-shoot. We’ll figure out a place to have a bite once we’re done.

Emergency Backup Plan:
We should be fine indoors or outdoors – the only thing that will really hinder these plans is rain. But pray for snow…that’d be awesome! Just pack a garbage bag to cover your gear.

Gear Inventory:
When you post your interest, please list what strobe-related gear you’ve got and are willing to bring to the event. We will do our best to pare down the inventory this week so you don’t have to lug all the stuff you own out of the house.

For example, we’re usually not going to need more than 4 strobes for a single shot. That means four flashes, preferably two light stands, a monopod, a trigger and one or more receivers (depending whether the flashes can be triggered wirelessly or not). SB-26s, SB-800s and (I THINK) SB-600s and SB-28xs have this function built in. I don’t know about non-Nikon gear.

I’ll pack most of my stuff so we can run a couple of crews at the same time.


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