101 Things to Shoot Before I Die: 2009 Recap

No, it’s not the same dreadful Things to do Before I Die screenplay I wrote when I was 23. Thankfully, only 4 people ever read that before it met the Christmas fireplace.

These are the things I’ve ticked off my photographic list this year. The text, as always, was written before the trip. You know, dichotomy and all that.

I know, not many. But the list is pretty darn selective. I mean, there’s only 101 things on it, for crying out loud. I’ll start off 2010 with a bang, though, getting a chance to shoot 4 more in SE Asia. And, as always, I’ll add the destinations that should have been on the list as well.

Great Wall of China.


COMPLETE: October 3rd, 2009

The Wall doesn’t hold the same cache as a global mystery that it once did, since everyone and their uncle Doug has been to China in the last decade, but it’s still one of the greatest wonders of the human age. Anything that takes 500 years to build and kills three million citizens in the process is worth a look.

Thrills – ****

Cost – **

Difficulty – *

BDS – *

Photo – *****

Forbidden Palace. Beijing, China


COMPLETE: October 2nd, 2009

I’ve always been a little leery of China. I think I watched too many 1980s action flicks growing up, and my views on communism were largely shaped by the politics of Stallone and Norris. Not that that’s a bad thing. Beijing, however, is one of those cities that has to be experienced, like the durian fruit, and to me the Forbidden Palace is the epicentre of all things epically awesome about ancient Chineses (!!) culture.

Thrills – ***

Cost – **

Difficulty – *

BDS – *

Photo – *****

Oh, and since we’re making lists… my favorite movies of 2009.

1. Bad Lieutenant

2. The Hurt Locker

3. Up!

4. Law Abiding Citizen

5. Zombieland

6. The Hangover

7. Inglorous Basterds

8. Taken

9. Funny People

10. Watchmen

… this list has little, or nothing to do with photography.


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