The Layer Cake

“This is the Layer Cake of drinking,” so says The Incumbent.

And it was. And it is.

I met with members of the SPC brain trust this weekend – The Incumbent, Jahrensy, Damian and Dylan – to discuss all manner of photographic things related and pertaining to the club. On the docket was Seoul’s first annual expat photo competition, upcoming magazine work and myriad other things I already forget.

Flash_33651And why do I forget, you ask? Because The Incumbent was busy brewing up something he dubbed the Layer Cake over dinner. I had a couple. But I don’t drink well.

This is the Layer Cake here, to your left. Might not look like much – some might say swamp water, in fact. But what it lacks in aesthetic impact it more than makes up in punchy flavour.

The Layer Cake

This is how the SPC does its best business, after all. In an alcohol fueled stupor. Damian gives me a hard time for drinking every time I see him, but, I swear… it wasn’t my fault this time around! (oh, I swear I’m never drinking ever again. Had to make sure I got that in there).


The SPC. Sometimes we don’t talk about cameras. Sometimes we eat food and talk about real life. Sometimes! Not all the time, but sometimes.


Behold, the greatest kimchi chiggae in the history of the universe. I forget the name of this place, but Dylan will be a champ if he fills in my blanks like I know he will! Anyone and everyone who shops for camera gear in Namdaemun owes it to themselves to stop off at this place for a bite.

Flash_33652 Flash_33654

Flash_33656 Flash_33661 Flash_33671

Megan digs it. The Incumbent digs it. Dylan digs it. Even Flash gets in on the Layer Cake. Nut sure exactly what Damian’s problem is… he always has a bad attitude.

So that’s that. A little off the cuff content for you, both of my loyal readers. This space doesn’t need to be super nerd gear talk all the time, does it?

Does it?

And remember, you can still sign up for Seoul’s first annual expat photo competition at Hyosung Camera in Namdaemun. The big day is June 6th, 2010. If you’re in Korea and you’re interested at all in photography then this competition is for you.

The Incumbent promises to mix up a fresh batch of Layer Cakes in your honour.

– flash

PS: While we’re at it…


7 thoughts on “The Layer Cake

  1. Awesome! 😀

    I experienced the “Layer Cake” with a bunch of underage high school kids when I first got to Korea. Yep. Drinking with kids. This was great to watch! Thanks for sharing, bud.

  2. Commentary as I read (continued):

    Notice how when you said you want someone who hasn’t done it, Mr. Raisey did not hesitate for even a SECOND. Pointed straight at me.

    Love my reaction though. I astounded by my own reactions sometimes. As Aaron is explaining it’s clear I just wanna drink the thing, when did I start enjoying alcohol so much?

    My face in that picture? Ridiculous. You really had nothing better to post? Or was that posted because of my face? lol

    I do NOT have a bad attitude! My attitude is not only socially acceptable, but has been fine tuned by over 500 years of oppression.

    End video: I may be a character in a movie and just haven’t realized yet. Hopefully not, because the audience would have had to watch me sit around scratching my ass for the past two days.

  3. Aaron – it’s actually good! I was shocked. We’ll have to get a couple down at your farewell bash. or ten!

    Damian, Damien…whatever. I linked you. Stop crying.

    You know why I posted those pictures. Classic. haha. That final video is awesome. In other news, I got really drunk. Didn’t even know I filmed the 5 minute opus that was the making of that dragon water.

  4. I don’t see a link. Where my link at?

    For such a big guy you get drunk pretty easily. We should do a alcohol olympics or something.

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