10 Magazine -July

I know I haven’t been uploading lately. For shame. No excuse, really… other than leaving Korea and heading out on the road for the next six months.

Right. Maybe that is an excuse. Only time will tell. But I’m in Malaysia with second-shooter extraordinaire Jahrensy now, relatively relaxed and shooting away. I’ll begin posting as soon as I get some photos processed (and while I’m near my laptop) before we head out into the wild. So far, Kuala Lumpur is not exactly wild. The most modern city on earth, perhaps… certainly not wild.

Anyway, in terms of things photo related, I recently shot the cover for 10 Magazine’s July issue. The mag is filled with all things related to summer in Seoul and Korea at large and certainly worth a look. I’ll have a longer post about the shoot in the days to come!


* That’s Phil Ratcliffe and Colin McSwiggan on the cover. They enjoy situps. I should thank everyone that came out and made the day a success; Phil, Colin, Nikelola, Linda, Amy and Jia for modeling, Jisun Kim from the Walkerhill PR department, our MUA for painting faces with shotgun blasts and finally Eric and Damian for doing a fantastic job assisting me.


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