California Dreams & Real Big Schemes


Above: Kristin Ahrens and Stephen Russell, to be wed in Jackson, Wyoming, in 2011. Here they are at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, getting the full Flash Parker treatment. A single strobe (SB-80DX), gelled with a 1/2 cut CTO, propped up behind them. They never even saw it coming!

As I have mentioned a few times previous to this post, I’ve been MIA. That’s all changed now as four months of Asia/Pacific travels have come to an end. I’ve hit the ground running in San Francisco and will be bouncing back and forth between here and Toronto over the next few months working on one project or another. I’ll also be spending most of November in Wyoming, if anyone in the area wants to get out and shoot. Or if anyone even lives in Wyoming…

One of the questions I am invariably asked when I’m touring around is whether or not I shoot weddings and engagement photos. I do, indeed. I’m not just a travel portrait shooter, after all! I do know how to get down and dirty when it comes to event photography, and I’m more than happy to discuss any of your upcoming marital/nuptial needs with you. Of course, my specialty remains portrait work, and that’s where much of the focus will remain. If you’re looking for strikingly original photos to remember the most important moment of your life then you’ve come to the right place.

My trusty second shooter Jahrensy and I will be focusing on this type of work more over the next year as we re-acclimatize to North American living, so expect a myriad updates in that vein. I’m working hard to update my site here in order to streamline the entire Flash Parker Experience (ha!) but in the meantime, for questions regarding locations, rates, dates and the like, feel free to send me an email at . I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.


Wedding_28441-2xAbove: The wonderful Mr. & Mrs. Samborski, during their wedding ceremony at Haegumgang, Goege Island, South Korea. Jahrensy and I will be back in South Korea come January for approximately six weeks working on one project or another. If you happen to be getting married in a location half as stunning as Goege, we need to talk.


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