Flash Light Photography Expeditions


I’m proud to announce that Flash Light Photography Expeditions is now live @ www.flashlightexpeditions.com . What is Flash Light Photography Expeditions? I’m glad you asked!

Flash Light Photography Expeditions is dedicated to providing in-depth photographic adventures to keen photography enthusiasts from around the globe. We provide tours to destinations in South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan and the world over. We are the premiere choice of photography enthusiasts looking to take their image-making and photojournalism skills to the next level.



Our first tour takes us to South Korea’s Jeju Island.

Jeju Island, South Korea
September 21-27, 2011
South Korea’s fabled Jeju Island is one of East Asia’s best kept secrets and the perfect location to flex your photographic muscles.  Pack your camera and your hiking boots and join professional photojournalists Dylan Goldby and Flash Parker as they guide you across this kingdom of quiet majesty. Soak up the dawn of a new day from Sunrise Peak, the mighty remnant of a 100,000 year old volcanic eruption. Dip your toes into the East China Sea as you frame the legendary Haenyeo lady divers in your viewfinder and marvel as the masters of the sea harvest submerge themselves for minutes at a time.  Refine your long exposure technique as the tiers of the Cheonjeyeon Waterfall fall away before you then steel yourself for the climb of a lifetime as you tackle the epic moonscapes of Halla Mountain. Race down the verdant hills flanking wild horses or stop to shoot the flowers – just don’t be late for your dinner date. Take on the role of consummate food photographer as you shoot abalone porridge, black pork ribs and the endless array of eclectic kimchi at the island’s greatest food haunt at Seogwipo, Jeju’s second city. Capture sublime slices of life at one of Korea’s oldest Five Day Markets and hone your street shooting skills in Jeju City.  Finally, learn when and how to use off-camera flash to light up the night as you shoot star trails from the apex of one of the island’s 300 parasitic volcanic peaks. Between stratospheric adventures, culinary swashbuckling and capturing the decisive moment, your guides will provide critique sessions and seminars that will help you get the most from your equipment, day in and day out. When you finally pack your bags for that long voyage west you’ll be carrying with you a portfolio of remarkable images, the penultimate representation of all the mystery and splendor of the Land of the Morning Calm.

Thanks to my friend Len Payne for helping with our website – www.flashlightexpeditions.com – and to Matt Bosmier, the Tooninator, for all his fantastic graphic design work.

Please check out our site and let us know what you think. I hope some of you will join us this September when we land on Jeju-do!


– flash


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