What do you do in Des Moines?

Truth be told, I still don’t know. We rolled into town to break up a long drive between Chicago and Lincoln – and to work on a top-secret brewery project.

Yet I’m glad we rolled into Des Moines. The city boasts a beautiful downtown core, a stunning state capitol building and a number of fantastic cafes and restaurants – not to mention the excellent CabCo. Brewery – none of them far from the Des Moines River. Apparently Taylor Swift was in town during our visit; Megan may or may not have been a little excited about this one. Same thing happened when she made me visit Harpo Studios in Chicago… Le Sigh.

Anyway, we stopped in Des Moines for a short time. Our visit was marred by an unfortunate exhaust/muffler incident that had our car sounding like a outlaw biker brigade for more than 500 miles, but we made the most of it. This is my brief snapshot of The DM.

I hope you enjoy.













Top to Bottom:

1. Brew Club mugs hanging from the pub ceiling at the Court Avenue Brewing Co.

2. Fresh pizza and fresh beer. It doesn’t get any better!

3. CabCo.’s building has housed tenants in the shoe trade, the rubber business and the hat racket as one of Des Moines oldest addresses. 

4. Sunset over West River Front Park.

5. Sunset through a maple leaf at West River Front Park.

6. Flowers in bloom near the State Capitol Building.

7. Bicycle Art on Grand Avenue.

8. Court Avenue Parking Garage – at night!

9. Downtown at dusk at 4th and Court.

10. Iowa’s stunning State Capitol Building.

11. Polk County Courthose and car trails at dusk.


5 thoughts on “What do you do in Des Moines?

  1. ah, I see!
    Had a blast on this trip so far – the weather was a little rough for a few weeks, though, so we’re looking forward to a little sunshine as we roll through Nebraska!

    Where are you from?

  2. My father was a Navy pilot, so I was born in Guam and lived there and in Spain before finally landing in Virginia for high school and college. A couple years after college I lived in Oregon for 3 years and fell in love with it.

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