Toronto, eh!

I’m a little behind the times here, of course. Toronto is where this road trip began – nearly two months ago – but I didn’t have the idea for these mini travel profiles until we touched down in Cleveland. Therefore, I’m playing catch-up.

I don’t have a whole lot of new or exciting things to say today, though I do have a regular blog post ready to go for tomorrow morning. For now it’s a little look back at a day spent shooting Toronto – a very, very early day. A 4 AM wakeup call is no joke.

I regret not shooting more of Toronto. Granted, we were in town during the five coldest months of the year, but this is little more than an excuse (excuses – this is a good blog topic for next week!). I could have bundled up and trekked out into the snow, of course. Would have made for great photographic fodder. I could have fought the traffic at any point, too. Not like I have to be at work at 9 AM or something. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Not something I’m generally prone to; I get my work done, I get out and I shoot. Somehow, though, it seems like we all do this – we neglect what’s going on in our own backyard. I’ve seen this happen to many of the friends I met in Korea. Prolific shooters while on foreign soil, but the minute they’re back home they forget they even own a camera. I think I will delve a little further into this next week…













From top to bottom:

1. Toronto skyline at sunrise.

2. Legendary Massey Hall.

3. The most interesting thing I found to shoot at City Hall.

4. Spring flowers in a back alley.

5. The ubiquitous Toronto pay duty.

6. Sporting Life 10k. My favorite race!

7. Kensington Market bikes.

8. The flower girl in Kensington Market.

9. Chinatown fruit stand.

10. Streetcar bokeh madness in Chinatown.

11. Peking duck in Toronto!

12. The Beer Bistro; pierogi and a $35 glass of beer!


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