Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Our trip out to Yellowstone was remarkable; it was also one half of the photographic odyssea that changed in many ways my way of shooting and my view of photography in general (the other being the Grand Tetons). Not such a bad place for an epiphany, if you ask me.

This is but a small slice of the work we did and the things we saw while in Yellowstone. I won’t make any excuses but I will tell you that after shooting from sunrise to sundown for a week in Jackson Hole, I was a little exhausted by the time we hit Yellowstone; I didn’t quite manage to get myself out of bed for a sunrise but I did chance across one very beautiful sunset. I did, however, miss out on shooting a hellacious lightning storm over the mountains (see the first image below with all the elk? Now picture thunder clouds and giant bolts of lightning).

Of course, one of the main reasons people go to Yellowstone is to get up close and personal with the wildlife. In the course of one day we saw elk, porcupine, black bears, marmots, bald eagles, wolves, coyotes and a grizzly. I didn’t see a moose until we made it back to the Big Horn Mountains, but I won’t hold that against Yellowstone.

I’ll get more of our Yellowstone adventure online in the coming months!


















1. Elk grazing in the shadow of a mountain as a violent storm rolls in.

2. Smokey the Bear alarm.

3. From the pinnacle of the sweeping Chief Joseph Scenic Highway.

4. Tourists often get too close to the animals. Tourists often become animal food.

5. Exploring the bubbling mud pits and hot springs near Old Faithful.

6. One of the endless bubbling hot springs in Yellowstone’s central caldera.

7. Duck rides!

8. Old Faithful, right on cue.

9. Exploring the prismatic masterpieces as a family.

10. Fly fishing in Yellowstone. Pretty cool.

11. We found this elk rack and skullcap on a hiking trail. We took turns wearing it.

12. Lower Falls. Artist’s Point.

13. More waterfall action.

14. This is by far the best way to get around Yellowstone.

15. No more room in our Wolf Pack.


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