The Seoul Metro Project

Today is the day The Seoul Metro Project sees the light of day!

The Seoul Metro Project is a collaboration between members of the Seoul Photo Club to document in pictures the more than 400 stops that make up the Seoul metro transit system in Seoul, South Korea. Two years in the making, The Metro Project is about the essence of travel in a foreign land – and taking your camera with you.

It has been a long road getting this project wrapped up and to the printer; I’ve seen people come and go, offer to work on one section and then vanish into thin air without a word. I’ve seen people come on board and handle one section then another, producing some incredible images in the process. I’ve got to know people, made new friends and had a few laughs while putting this all together.

Now we can share it with you.

This link will take you to MagCloud, where you can order a hardcopy or digital version of the Seoul Metro Project. I hope that you enjoy the book. I hope you’ll share it with friends. Most of all, I hope that it will inspire you to launch your next project and see it through to completion.

Click here for your copy of The Seoul Metro Project.




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