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My friend Pete DeMarco sent me this photo today. It’s a monk reading a magazine – the neat thing to me about it is that I wrote the article the monk is reading. Nice!

Pete also told me that he tried to have the flight attendant on board the plane hold up the mag for him so that he could snap a picture, but he was so captivated by he ravishing beauty that he failed to pull the trigger. Nice work, Thai Air.

I dig it when friends send me this kind of stuff – often it’s the first glance at a new story or photos that I’m getting myself.

Anyway, just a quick post today. If you’re flying Thai Air over the next few weeks, check out the latest issue of Sawasdee – and my story on Chiang Mai. Next month I’ve got a piece in the same mag on Phuket, just in case you were looking for another excuse to think about visiting a Thai island.


Flash Light Thailand Expeditions, 2012


If you’re flying Thai Air in the near future, don’t forget to look into our 2012 photography workshops, taking place in Chiang Mai, and Ko Phi Phi, this November and December. It should be a ton of fun, and I hope we’ll see you there.



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