Lonely Planet Magazine: Spanish Flavours


My latest feature for Lonely Planet Magazine – a road trip story about the sights, sounds and tastes from Barcelona in the East to Santiago in the West, and all the northern coastal highlights in between.

“The problem with Spain is that Hemingway didn’t write about enough of it. Had the old man from the sea done more than romanticize the bulls of Pamplona and Ronda, tip over barstools from one corner of Madrid to the other, and immortalize travel in the south the South during his lifelong trysts with transnationalization, perhaps more of this beautiful country would exist at the forefront of the wayfaring traveler’s imagination. Yet Hemingway spent a finite number of days in Spain, and missed out on many of its essential experiences that have remained on the margins of bucket lists since Papa passed away. Spain’s Northern provinces in particular, with their tremendous natural attractions, historical cache, and gastro marvels, may inspire you to write volumes of prose all your own (if you can put down the tapas plates and wine glasses long enough to pick up a pencil and paper), while Barcelona, at the heart of Catalonia, has more cultural, culinary, and aesthetic charms than most other countries. Spain’s intoxicating diversity is exemplified on a trip from Catalonia to Galicia, with diversions through Basque Country and Cantabria along the way. “

Click through for larger images.

All images shot with Nikon D800 + Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 lens.




 p60_Spain MIH-lowres

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