What’s the Price of Peace of Mind?

What’s the price of peace of mind?


This is a very real question when you travel as often as I do. I’m sent to far-flung

destinations for a living, and while I travel well and I travel as safe as I can, now and

again I find myself wondering how I’d react in a real emergency; what would I do if

a grizzly bear mistook my melon for a honeypot while trekking through Alberta’s

remote wilderness? How would I get home if I were stung on the face by a snake in

the red center of Australia? How would I get emergency care if a raging bull did a

number on my questionable bits while running through the streets of Pamplona?

These are the questions that trouble my simple mind.


Enter MedjetAssist and what amounts to the world’s greatest peace of mind

program for travelers. A global air medical transport membership program,

MedjetAssist offers members medical transport services in the event of an

emergency – and allows members to choose exactly which hospital they’d like to be

delivered to in their home country. So if you’re particularly fond of a nurse on the

third floor of your home hospital’s trauma wing, or you feel quite attached to the

transesophageal echocardiogram equipment in your local cardiologist’s office, you

can have your cake, and eat it too.


I would never think of leaving home without comprehensive insurance on my

photography equipment, so it only makes sense that I have spectacular protection

for the gear that really counts. MedjetAssist is the perfect program for me because it

allows me to go at my work – and my travels – without making compromises based

on what could be suspect local medical care and conditions. With MedjetAssist, my

own hometown care is never more than a phone call away, and I like that.


Program membership comes with additional benefits. I have access to Travel,

Health & Security Precautions for International Destinations, Visa, Passport &

Immunization Requirements, telephone interpretation and medical referrals.


MedjetAssist is a comprehensive medical transport membership program in

an affordable package – and a small price to pay for peace of mind. Short-Term

memberships start at $99 and $260 for annual.


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