Cleveland West Side Market

If you’ve followed my work with any regularity over the past few years you know that I love shooting markets. Specifically, I love shooting South East Asian markets – the grimier, the grungier, the better. I have yet to encounter a market anywhere in the Western World as full of life, culinary delights and sheer filth that can compare to even the tamest of markets in a place like Cambodia or Indonesia.

Cleveland’s West Side Market isn’t grimy or grungy, either. It is, however, a fantastically diverse emporium of ethnic curious, loaded with culinary treasures and bursting at the seams with friendly, good-natured American Midwest folk. If you want to throw out the word authentic, this is the time to do it. I don’t get excited about shooting America’s urban chaos all that often but I got up for this one. Can’t wait to do it again.

Check it out:

I’m presenting here a little snapshot of my work from the West Side Market. One of the things I’ve been more cognizant of lately is color pallets, tonality, similarity and synchronicity among sets of images. This is very important for me in my editorial and travel work. It’s also very important to Ed McGowan; Ed is one of my favorite photographers and always has tonality and synchronicity in mind when he’s shooting. Check out what I mean in this set here.

Anyway, I hope you consider tonality when you’re creating your own sets of images and especially when working for clients; editorial jobs, weddings, engagements, bar mitzvahs… always, always keep in mind the set of images you’ll be generating as a whole. One frame in black and white, one in colour, one HDR’d until your eyes are sore does not make for a good set of images (though there are, of course, exceptions to the rule!)

I think you’ll see what I mean when looking through these images, and I hope you enjoy them!




















Cleveland Rocks!

Megan and I set out on the 2011 version of our Great American Road Trip a little less than a week ago. We’ve spent the time since leaving Canada with my family in Cleveland. First and foremost, I need to say thanks to the Burnside and the Kinsch clans for showing us such a great time and touring us around north eastern Ohio – it was a trip!

Now, back to work. I need to be more diligent when it comes to posting here and on the Flash Light Expeditions blog ( I’m going to do my best to post little bits here and there as we make our way across the USA, if and when I can, starting with a short look back at our time here in Cleveland.

Tomorrow we are off to Indianapolis. I know nothing of the city save for the races for which it is named (?!) and the fact that a few episodes of Man vs. Food were filmed in the downtown core. This could be fun…












I haven’t had much of a chance to edit many of the 1,300 Ohio photos yet, but I thought I should get something onto the interwebs before we roll on out of the state. These are largely untouched and straight out of the camera – stay tuned to my flickr feed for a full feast of Cleveland photos, retouched and fully processed.

From top to bottom:

1. Progressive Field at night. Indians lose to the Rays!

2. Cleveland bridges from the upper deck at Progressive Field.

3. Inside the Old Stone Church, downtown Cleveland.

4. Cherry blossom tree in bloom, public square, Cleveland.

5. Courtney and a faceless Amish doll, Amish Country.

6. Horse and buggy ride through Amish Country.

7. Friendly vendor at the West Side Market.

8. Tribe fan, Little Italy.

9. Clock and flag, West Side Market.

10. Garfield Tomb doors, Lakeview Cemetery.

11. The Burnside Crew!