Welcome to Husker Country

Lincoln, Nebraska.

The heart of Cornhusker territory. The heartland of America. The middle of the Midwest.

We followed the open road into Nebraska after our brief affair with lady Des Moines and settled in for a week long Midwestern barnstorming of epic proportions – or epic portions, depending on where you go to eat.

Megan grew up in Lincoln and showed me a fantastic time while we here. This leg of the trip was all about Megan catching up with old friends, yet we still managed to get in some solid shooting time. We put in a few hours at some very fine breweries, rocked one of the world’s greatest zoos for a day and an age, expanded our waistlines at Midwestern eateries and finally escaped into the country for a look at how the peaceful folk live. It really was a blast and I have plenty to look forward to on our next visit. I haven’t yet found the perfect Cornhusker photo, though. That is my Sunday morning mission!

We also spent a bit of time in Omaha. We dined on fabled Omaha steaks, tour the zoo, explored the waterfront and generally gorged ourselves on Omaha food and drink. Fun city.

We have a whole lot of Nebraska left in front of us before we cross the border into Wyoming. We plan on crossing back on Monday to shoot the Sand Planes and a few other key destinations, though I dedicate this entry to Lincoln (and Omaha) as we bid Big Red farewell. My only hope is that the next time we’re in town we actually catch a football game!












From Top to Bottom:

1. Lincoln Station in the Haymarket District.

2. An old steam engine docked at Lincoln Station.

3. Lincoln’s iconic State Capitol Building at night.

4. Omaha Zoo Railroad; moving big people slowly since 1975.

5. A tropical frog at the fantastic Omaha zoo.

6. An Upstream Brewery Hefe on the patio in Omaha.

7. Legendary Omaha Steak – in burger form! Upstream Brewery, Omaha.

8. A Canadian folk singer plays Omaha’s Old Market streets.

9. Fried alligator served up at the Omaha Food Festival.

10. Corn. This is ‘husker territory.

11. My favorite Lincoln souvenir, the sensational Jahrensy!